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Lynn Kozak

Professor Lynn Kozak

Departmetn of History, Faculty of Arts

My work cuts across the genres of Ancient Greek literature, with a current research focus on epic and dramatic performance, through philology and production. A text and its performance work in concert to occupy the overlap between the theatre of the mind and the sensible world. With epic performance, there is a body in front of your eyes, and a voice coming out of that body—but who is speaking? The performer? A muse? A character? A god? How do we reconcile the physical reality of the performer and his space with the story he tells and the characters that inhabit him? In a theatre space, characters are again embodied in actors before the eyes of the audience. But they wear a mask, they change their voice, they switch genders and ages—they can become divine. The space itself shifts—a stage building becomes a palace, a reference point in the theatron becomes the marketplace of Argos, or the Mediterranean Sea heaving with Egyptian ships. The audience sits between the real space of the performance and the imagined space of what’s performed, while their individual minds and communal experience allow the two spaces to interact and create meaning. My project with Garth Green (Religious Studies), “(In)visibilities”, will explore the range of those meanings, not just in performance, but across literary forms, material cultures, and philosophy, that exist between the visible and the invisible, between our senses and ourselves. 

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