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Jui Ramaprasad

Professor Jui Ramaprasad

Faculty of Management

My research focuses on the role of information technology (IT) in altering music markets and, more recently, matching markets.

Over the last two decades, technology has played a significant role in the shifts in both the supply-side and demand-side of the music industry. In my research thus far, I have I have focused on IT’s impact on the demand-side, i.e on consumption, and examined how online social interactions and consumer-generated content impact consumption decisions. More recently, I have begun to examine the issue of monetization, looking at factors that could increase a consumer’s valuation and payment for music. Specifically, my current work looks at whether appealing to individuals’ emotions, through, e.g., social engagement in the online community, can help increase the consumer’s valuation and payment for a song.

While music can clearly be a “digital” good, humans are also being digitized. In another stream of ongoing research, I examine the impact of technology-enabled features on matching outcomes in online dating markets. In these markets, people place individual digital profiles of themselves on online dating sites in order to match with one another. Through running a large-scale randomized field experiment on one of these online dating sites, we have found interesting, though initially surprising results, on the role of online anonymity in matching outcomes and in particular, unexpected gender differences.

Looking at how technology is changing markets for digital goods is at the core of my research, and I look forward to continuing this work.

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