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Bronwen Low

Professor Bronwen Low

Faculty of Education

I study youth as cultural producers and the implications of their work for cultural studies, literacies, and learning. This has involved exploring hip-hop, slam, and spoken word culture in light of theories of language and subjectivity as well as through a multi-year classroom ethnography in an urban high school in the US. More recently, I been working in research teams. In one, we have been examining the contrast between the richly multilingual Montreal hip-hop scene and French-only language pedagogies. In another, we have compared community media projects in New York City, Montreal, and Toronto, interested in the forms of narrative and identity that multimedia and digital storytelling formats make available. My newest project is to help transform a Montreal high school into an urban arts centre, in collaboration with the school and local hip-hop artists.

I am also interested in the processes of teaching and learning from difficult stories. As co-chair of the Education working group of a large oral history project entitled Life Stories of Montrealers Displaced by War, Genocide, and other Human Rights Violations, I helped disseminate these stories through curriculum units, and have been theorizing this work in relation to concepts of listening and testimony.

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