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Alia Al-Saji

Professor Alia Al-Saji

Department of Philosophy

The Time of Difference: Thinking Body, Memory, and Intersubjectivity with Bergson and Merleau-Ponty

The aim of my current project is to think intersubjectivity—the interpersonal relations between subjects—in temporal terms. In this vein, I am working on a book manuscript entitled Body Memories: Merleau-Ponty, Bergson and the time of intersubjectivity. Crucial to my account is an elaboration of the time of embodiment, in its perceptual, affective and memorial dimensions. In developing this theory of embodied time, I base myself on the work of two French philosophers: Henri Bergson and Maurice Merleau-Ponty. At stake in my book is both a transformation of how intersubjectivity is conceived and a rethinking of time itself as not simply internal to consciousness or to the subject, but as the time of intercorporeity. This is a time of plural pasts, incompossible memories, and open futurity—the time of difference.

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