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Dramatic Reading of The Harps of God

On Friday, February 8th 2013, the Institute for the Public Life of Arts and Ideas organised a dramatic reading of the play The Harps of God, by IPLAI Artist in Residence Kent Stetson, C.M.

Kent Stetson, C. M., is a Governor General's Literary Award Laureate, as well as a Member of the Order of Canada. The Prince Edward Island-born playwright, director and novelist developed as a dramatist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, before moving to Montreal in 1989, where he became a full-time writer.

The Harps of God, Mr. Stetson’s award-winning tragedy in three acts for fifteen men, was praised as "a work which raised the bar for Canadian play-writing to a new level,” (GG Jury Citation) and is said to be the single best play ever written about Canada (Montreal Gazette, 2005). Based on the 99-year-old true story of the Great Newfoundland Sealing Disaster, the play explores the imagined experiences of fifteen of the 132 men stranded on the ice during a winter storm.


Kent Stetson, C.M.

Cast :

Alain Goulem as Arthur Mouland
Eric Davis as George Tuff
Paul Hopkins as Tom Dawson
Graham Cuthbertson as Richard Mcarthy
Michael Rudder as Levi Templeman
Mark Weissfelner as Jessop Templeman
Aaron Golish as Simon Templeman
Luke Powers as Andrew Templeman
Brendan Edge as Billy Pear
Tom Fish as Lemuel Collins
Michael Mitchell as Ambrose Mullowney
Paul Yachnin as Willard Jordan
Anthony Paré as Capt. Abram Kean

Music and sound effects:

Philippe Latour, Program Assistant, IPLAI


All pictures by: Sylvain Latour