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Citizen, Nation and Modernity: a contemporary ethnographic analysis

How are nations imagined during and after times of violent crisis? How are citizens formed through everyday practice? What are the roles of pain and pleasure in these distinctly modern practices and imaginings? This group explores recently published ethnographic accounts of citizenship, nation, and modernity.This selection of works offers cutting edge analysis of these themes in specific locational and historical contexts. The reading group will not only allow participants to explore these themes across contexts, but also allow participants to analyze ethnography as a form of writing and social inquiry. Chapter selections from each book are made on the basis of the chapter’s relation to the author’s overall argument, as well as on the basis of the type of ethnographic material analyzed (interview data, images, observation, etc.). This is designed to allow in-depth discussions of the topics presented by the books as well as analysis of their form. 

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Contacts: julie [dot] moreau2 [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca (Julie Moreau), Gretchen Bakke
Rencontres: mercredis, 13h30-15h30: 25 septembre; 9, 23 octobre; 6, 13, 27 novembre; 11 décembre
3610 rue McTavish, salle 21-6