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Mission Statement

  1. To manage the investments of the McGill Investment Pool (“MIP”) and other university endowments within policy guidelines to provide dependable and optimal source of income for endowment beneficiaries while preserving the real value of capital;
  2. To manage the components of the endowment, optimize the selection of financial investment service providers, determine the unit value, financial and investment operations of the MIP as part of its risk management and policy standards and to estimate withdrawals for the following year;
  3. To report quarterly to the Investment Committee of the Board of Governors the performance and other aspects of the MIP;
  4. To receive and liquidate marketable securities donated to the University or received by the University through tech-transfer spin-offs within policy guidelines;
  5. To approve the opening of endowments in the form of annuities;
  6. To monitor the financial aspects of specific endowments/accounts in which the University holds an interest.