Information for References

Note: you can download the information provided below in PDF format by clicking here: Information for Referees [.pdf]

When providing a letter of reference for an applicant, please indicate your position and full contact information at your institution and/or connection with the candidate. If this is not possible, the reason(s) should be indicated in the letter of reference.

The letter should specify the complete name and program of the applicant and include the following information:

  • How long and in what capacity you have known the applicant.
  • General comments about the applicant and more specifically his or her suitability for the PFF Community Leadership Program.
  • Comments on any of the candidate’s strengths that would help ensure the success of the proposed project, or any weaknesses which might limit the applicant’s likelihood of succeeding in and benefitting from the program.
  • Comments on the applicant’s attitude towards success/failure and how it may affect the manner in which he or she meets the challenges of a proposed project.
  • Comments on the project’s feasibility, if you have experience in the specific topic or discipline of the proposed project.

You should also feel free to add any additional comments that may be relevant.

Letters must be submitted by 12 PM (EST), January 11, 2013, by email.  Late letters of support will not be considered.

  • Electronic letters must be sent as attachments and must be in PDF (.pdf) format. Files saved in another format will not be accepted.
  • The email subject line must be PFF REFERENCE LETTER FOR [LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME].

Please email letters to anne.turner [at]