2013 AUCC-SFD Internships with Green Power

About the Internship

Green Power collaborates with researchers at McGill on a socio-economic impact evaluation of its project. This partnership provides substantial pro bono capacity building and community outreach support (e.g. holding informational assembly meetings for the communities, using media (video) to inform community members, providing computer training, etc.) and is in the process of carrying out a socio-economic impact evaluation of electricity in the REAM partner communities using the randomized controlled trial method.

The program grants between $6,500 (for a three-month internship) and up to $9,500 (for a six-month internship) to up to McGill students who gain academic credit through internships in developing countries. Since 2007, 26 McGill students have taken advantage of this opportunity provided by the SFD Program to gain experience in the field of international development. The Green Power opportunities are offered through the 2012-2013 multi-year program at McGill, a partnership between Green Power, the Institute for the Study of International Development, and the Internship Offices Network (ION).

Position: AUCC-SFD Intern at Green Power

Dates: The applicants may choose to apply for either a three or six month internship with Green Power.  

Internship Start Date: May 6, 2013

Internship End Date: August 3, 2013

Application Deadline: February 1, 2013

Location: Kianyaga, Mt. Kenya region, Kenya

AUCC Students for Development
Internship Opportunities with Green Power-KRO

Interns will be hosted by the socio-economic impact evaluation unit, which operates a separate office (and accommodation) in Kianyaga, close to the main field office for Green Power and its participating communities.

Each intern will be expected to support both the activities of the evaluation unit and Green Power activities that may fall outside the scope of the evaluation unit. In particular, this may include:

  • Working closely with the other evaluation field officers in the collection of survey data that are part of the socio-economic impact evaluation on access to electricity
  • Work closely with the other evaluation staff on other components of the evaluation. For example, there is an on-going data collection about microinsurance, and the judiciary in Kianyaga.
  • Providing basic computer training to local staff
  • Supporting training of the community members on the legal framework of the organization. In particular, Green Power is implementing an ambitious community/corporate model, in which individual community members hold shares (the majority) in the electricity company, with Green Power being a minority shareholder. Community members are being informed on this through general meetings. The intern may support this process in various ways – for example by designing informational materials to be shared with community members, assisting in the organization of meetings, etc.
  • Support other social initiatives undertaken by the evaluation unit, Green Power and participating communities. For example, a community library will be set up by the evaluation unit and Green Power for the youth of the community. The intern may support this initiative by liaising with potential hosting sites (primary schools), establish a budget in collaboration with the evaluation and Green Power staff, and set up the community library. Another initiative is to evaluate the needs of the community for legal aid services. Land conflicts are prevalent in the community. However, few people have access to the formal judiciary. A Kenyan NGO, Kituo Cha Sheria, provides free legal aid services to the poor and expressed an interest in serving the poor in Kianyaga. Interns, preferably with a legal background, will assist community members in liaising with Kituo Cha Sheria.

The precise duties will be determined in discussion with the intern(s) and depend on the organizational needs during that period and the interest and expertise of the interns.