Getting Started

Preparing for the Internship

Download and read the Internship Offices Network's Handbook for McGill AUCC Students for Development Interns

The AUCC-SFD Handbook for Student Interns can be downloaded here

All forms are available for download from AUCC, but you may also access them all in the below list:
Pre-Departure Form (.doc)
Questionnaire (.doc)
Financial Reporting Form (.xls)

The ION Handbook for AUCC Award Recipients can be downloaded here (.pdf) and here (.doc)

International Internship Training Module

Interns are required to attend the following training sessions prior to starting their internships.

University-Wide Pre-Departure Information Session, April 11, 2013, 5:30pm, Leacock 132
Interns are required to attend one of the Pre-Departure Information Sessions offered by the Office of the Deputy Provost.  At this session, interns will hear from McGill and Canadian government officials regarding consular services, regional safety, and health and travel tips.  Following the main session, there will be regional break-out sessions facilitated by regional experts.  This session is mandatory for all students who will be travelling out of Canada on a McGill-related travel activity in 2012 (study abroad, internship, exchange, etc.).

Centre for Intercultural Learning Pre-Departure Orientation for Canadian Interns, (TBA)
This three-day workshop will cover themes such as: strategies to improve cross-cultural communication; professional and social behavior; country context and its impact on professional and personal objectives; stages of adaptation and for managing the stress of culture shock; and health and safety. Lunch and snacks are provided.

McGill Travel Registry

All interns are required to register on the McGill travel registry. The registry collects information about itineraries, host organization contact information, emergency contact information, travel documentation, insurance, vaccinations, etc.

McGill monitors all University-related travel on the registry.  Interns must register their travel outside of Montreal on the McGill travel registry as well as with DFATD on them Registry of Canadians Abroad (ROCA).

Health and Safety

Traveling, living and working abroad can involve certain risks to your health and safety that differ from your home country. These may include: crime, political/social instability, tropical diseases/infections, extreme weather conditions, poor infrastructure, etc.

The Internship Offices Network cannot guarantee the safety of any intern in their host country. It is up to the student to fully assess and prepare for any health or security risks that may be involved in pursuing this internship. Applicants are encouraged to discuss potential risks with their family prior to applying.

Applicants must ensure that they are physically and mentally capable of successfully completing an internship in the internship host country. The Internship Offices Network may request a doctor’s attestation that an applicant is sufficiently healthy to complete an internship.

Student’s should consult DFAIT’s travel reports for health and safety information:

Entry Requirements:

Interns are responsible for informing themselves of what entry requirements are required to visit and work as an intern in the internship host country. These may include a visa, work permit, passport valid for at least 6 months after entry, and proof of certain vaccinations. 

The intern is responsible for acquiring all necessary documents in time for the beginning of their internship.

Students should consult DFAIT’s travel reports for information on country entry requirements:

During the Internship

Within a week of beginning the internship, interns are required to notify the Internship Offices Network with an email to ion [at] containing:

  • Office phone number (required)
  • Personal cellphone number
  • Supervisor's cellphone number (required, to be used in case of an emergency)
  • Apartment/hostel number (optional)

One month into the internship, interns are required to send a report to the Internship Offices Network to update us on your work.  Please see the guidelines in the Handbook for McGill AUCC Students for Development Interns.

Finalizing the Internship

Following the completion of their internships, interns are required to send the following to the Internship Offices Network by September 7, 2013:

  1. Completed AUCC-SFD Financial Report, available in the Handbook_for_Student Interns (.pdf).
  2. Completed AUCC-SFD Internship Questionnaire, including the questionnaire to be filled out by your host organization, also available in the Handbook_for_Student_Interns (.pdf).
  3. At least one other flight quote for your flight to show the lowest price was selected.
  4. ALL your original boarding passes and a photocopy of your passport pages showing the country entry and exit stamps.
  5. Original receipts for your travel visa (if applicable).
  6. Original receipts for your medications and immunizations required for your internship country.

All the above should be handed in to the Internship Offices Network, Leacock Building, room 307.

International Internship Debriefing Session, November 2013 (Toronto)

Following their return to McGill, all AUCC-SFD interns are required to take part in the two-day debriefing and re-entry workshop, provided by the Centre for Intercultural Learning.

AUCC-SFD Interns are also required to fulfill the Public Engagement requirements as stipulated within the Handbook for Student Interns.