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International Students Already in Canada

International students that studied at a Canadian institution and are already in Canada should consult the table below, to ensure that they have the correct mandatory immigration documents. 

  Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec Study Permit
High School in Quebec* Apply for a new level specific CAQ Apply for a new Study Permit (after CAQ approval)
High School Outside of Quebec* Apply for an initial CAQ Apply for a new Study Permit (after CAQ approval)
Post-Secondary Institution Outside of Quebec  Apply for an initial CAQ

Keep current Study Permit
(log into your MyCIC account, and update your learning institution name)

* Please note that you cannot start your program at McGill with documents that are valid for high school studies, even if the documents have not expired. 


In Canada as a Visitor?

Students who are already in Canada as Visiting and Exchange students (for only 1 term - with visitors status) can apply for a CAQ and Study Permit from within Canada should their exchange be extended to 2 terms (thus requiring a CAQ and Study Permit).  Please see "Applying for a Study Permit from within Canada" on the Immigration Canada website for details and for other categories of visitors who are eligible for this option. 

Visitors who do not meet the criteria outlined in the above website will have to apply for a Study Permit at a Canadian Visa Office outside Canada. Consult "Get a study permit" section of Immigration Canada’s website for more information.