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Request for extended International Health Insurance

Extended Health Insurance for international students

McGill's International Student Health Insurance plan has been extended to cover expenses related to Emergency Medical Care, Basic Health and Supplementary Health benefits, as well as Accidental Dismemberment and Repatriation, for international students participating in a study away program.

International students are eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a student registered at McGill University, covered under McGill’s International Student Health Insurance plan - contract no. 95258
  • You are participating in a study away program* in a country other than Canada or your country of origin.

You may also enroll your dependent(s) in the Plan, namely your spouse and dependent child(ren).

*Study away program includes study abroad, exchange programs, internships and field study programs.

For a detailed description of this extended coverage, please refer to ISHI Study Away Program Booklet 2013-2014.

To sign up for the extended travel option of the International Health Insurance plan, please complete and submit the registration form below.

For questions or concerns please email international [dot] health [at] mcgill [dot] ca (International Health)

we will only communicate with you via your McGill email address
What country will you be pursuing your study away/exchange/internship/field study
Please use the MM/DD/YYYY format
Please use the MM/DD/YYYY format