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Work Permit Application Guide

Students Applying from Within Canada

Students already in Canada can apply either A) Online, or B) At the Border - see below for details.

Before you start, make sure you understand which type of work permit is right for you.

A) ONLINE Application process:

1. Log on to MyCIC (or register for an account - or a "GC Key" - if you don't have one already)

2. Fill out the Questionnaire

  • Be sure to include your UCI (Universal Client ID - which can be found on your Study Permit)

3. Complete the PDF Application Form provided

  • save it to your desktop, and upload it to your application (the electronic signature is not needed).
  • No job offer is necessary when applying for co-op/internship, spousal or post graduation work permits.  You can indicate "not applicable" in fields requesting this information.
  • No Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is necessary for the above work permits; you can leave this section blank.

NOTE:  McGill's CIC Designated Learning Institution number (DLI#) is O19359011033

4. Upload required documents

  • Upload your saved IMM5710 form to your application
  • When asked to upload your passport, be sure to include ALL stamped/marked pages of your passport, and include any Study or Work Permit stapled into your passport.  These should all be scanned into 1 document.
  • For co-op/internship work permits: upload the letter provided to you by your Co-op/Internship Office at McGill in the designated area.
  • For post graduation work permits: upload proof that you have completed all the requirements of your program (i.e. all your final grades have been posted or your final thesis has been defended, revised and submitted).  Once McGill Senate has met and approved convocations, this letter can be printed directly off Minerva (from "Graduation Query"), or you can submit original transcripts (if the transcript indicates that the degree has been granted).  If you need this confirmation prior to Senate meeting, please contact your Faculty Advising Office (Undergraduates) or your Department (Graduate students).
  • If you were required to do a medical exam as part of your work permit application, upload proof of this (i.e. a receipt) in the additional documents section.

5. Pay the required fees, if applicable:

  • Co-op/internship work permit = fee exempt (free)
  • Post Graduation work permit = $155 + new $100 fee (as of Feb. 21, 2015) = $255
  • Spousal work permit = $155 + new $100 fee (as of Feb. 21, 2015) = $255 


6. Wait to receive your work permit in the mail

You can check how long it will take before you get your Work Permit here.  Processing times vary according to volume and time of year.

Having problems with your CIC online application?
Contact the CIC Call Centre at 1.888.242.2100


You have the option of applying for your work permit at the border or port of entry - and obtaining it the same day - if you are TRV-exempt, meaning either:

a) You are a citizen of a TRV-exempt country, OR
b) You are a citizen of a TRV-required country, and are re-entering Canada solely from the US

The closest land borders that process work permits are:

  • Lacolle/Champlain
  • St. Armand/Phillipsburg
  • Stanstead
  • Montreal's Trudeau Airport - but only if you are flying in to Montreal.

PDF icon bus_service_to_the_us_border.pdf

Don't forget to bring:

  1. Passport
  2. Valid Study Permit
  3. All of your supporting documents* (see Co-op Work Permit or Post-Grad Work Permit)
  4. Application fee: $155 + new $100 fee (as of Feb. 21, 2015) = $255

*For Co-op/Internship work permits: the letter provided to you by your Co-op/Internship Office at McGill.  Make sure that you clearly state that you are a McGill student and that the work is an integral part of your studies at McGill.

*For Post-Graduation work permits: proof that you have completed all the requirements of your program (see "Where do I get a letter confirming that I've "completed all my program requirements"? under Frequently Asked Questions).

* If you are required to do a medical exam for your work permit application (see Jobs for which you need a medical exam), bring proof of this (i.e. a medical exam receipt).

Optional:  If you do not yet have a job lined up, it may be wise to have proof that you have enough funds to live in Canada while job-hunting (e.g. bank statement), in case this is requested by the immigration official.

IMPORTANT: Check the remarks at the bottom of your Work Permit!

Co-op/Internship Work Permits should have the following remark:
"Only for work forming an essential/integral part of the course as per McGill University."

Post-Graduation Work Permits should have the following remark:
"Post Graduate Work Program"

If the above remarks do not appear, it is best to ask for a correction while you're at border.  If you applied online or have left the border, you may need to apply for a Work Permit amendment.