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NEW INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Join us this Thursday (Sept. 18) for your official Welcome Reception!  

ISS Fall 2014 Workshops & Webinars
have now been posted - mark your calendars!

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They're finally here!  Come and get your FREE museum pass while quantities last!

At ISS - Room 4400 in Brown Student Services (west wing)
Monday-Friday between 9am-12pm and 1:30-5pm

Note: You must present your McGill ID card

Confirm your International Student Health Insurance on Minerva today!  Details here.

Are you a new international student who wants to connect with a current McGill student?  Or perhaps you're a current student who wants to make a difference in the life of a new student? Whether it's to request a Buddy or volunteer to be a Buddy, check out the:

The International Buddy Program

(for undergraduate AND graduate students)

What’s your story? What unforgettable moments have you experienced in your international education journey? What did you learn?

Share your International Education Story! 

Enter the 4th Annual CBIE Photo and Video Contest

Please note:

International Student Services (ISS) provides information regarding immigration documents (i.e. Study Permits, CAQ, Temporary Resident Visas, Work Permits) required for  international students to study or work at McGill. 

Please note that ISS cannot provide advice to you, or act on your behalf, on such immigration matters.  Our website provides links to Immigration Quebec and Citizenship and Immigration Canada where complete information, application forms and instructions are available.

International students seeking information on immigrating to Canada can check the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website as well as the Quebec Immigration website.

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Online Orientation for New International Students

Les Services aux étudiants étrangers (SEE ) offrent des programmes qui favorisent la croissance, le progrès et la réussite des étudiants étrangers à McGill. Nous espérons ainsi faciliter leur adaptation à un nouveau système universitaire et à la vie dans un nouveau pays.

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