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Industrial Relations


Industrial Relations is an interdisciplinary program, enabling students in the Faculty of Arts to study Labour-Management Relations. Students take courses in Economics, Labour-Management Relations and Sociology. These courses examine the economic and social forces affecting employer-employee relations.

Graduates from this program gain automatic access to the Order de Conseiller en Réssources Agrées (CRHA), a professional order that certifies human resource professionals in the province of Quebec. Proficiency in French is required for certification.

Graduates may find work in Industrial Relations, Human Resources or Personnel Management. Some pursue graduate studies in Industrial Relations or Labour-Management Relations. Some go to Law school or Business school. Many find work outside the area of Labour-Management Relations in private industry or government. Read what some Graduates say about the program.

Important Notes concerning the Faculty Program in Industrial Relations

Continuance in the Program
To remain in the program beyond the first year, students must take the six “U1 Required Courses” listed below during their first year and earn an average GPA of 2.50 in ECON 208, ECON 209, SOCI 235, SOCI 312, MGCR 222 and INDR 294.

Out-of-Faculty Credits
Students in the Faculty Program in Industrial Relations may take no more than 30 credits in courses outside of the Faculties of Arts and of Science. This total includes required and complementary courses taken for the IR Program and elective courses.

Continuing Studies Courses
Continuing Studies courses cannot be used to satisfy IR program requirements. You will receive no credit for any Continuing Studies course taken, even though the title may be the same as one of the IR courses listed below.

Desautels School of Management Courses
In addition to the required courses, INDR 294 and MGCR 222U1, in the first year, a student should take at most only one 3-credit elective course in the Desautels School of Management.

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