International Islamic Conference

International Conference, Jakarta, November 22 — 24: 2000: Islam in Indonesia: Intellectualization and Social Transformation

The role of the Indonesian Islamic Studies in development was the topic of this international conference held in Jakarta November 22 — 24, 2000. Indonesianists and Islamicists from Australia, Scotland, Holland, the U.S., Malaysia, France, Canada and Indonesia explored the theme Islam in Indonesia: Intellectualization and Social Transformation. The Proceedings of the Conference will be published and distributed inside and outside Indonesia in the Fall of 2002.

The following photos were taken at the conference. Click on the image to enlarge.

Husni RahimPhil BuckleyFuad Jabali
Michael Gilsenan, Udjang Tholib and Richard BullietSu'aidi Asy'ari and Merle Ricklefs
Susy Ricciardelli and Ismatu RopiMuchtar Buhori and Nico KapteinLeft to right - Kusmana, Dadi Darmadi, Ismatu Ropi, Anni Yoesoef, Awalia Rahma, Dardiri Husni and Mujiburrahman.