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Soweto Stomp (1985)

Score [.pdf]


Notes [.pdf]


The Seasons: Vermont (1980-82)


Photo: Malcolm Goldstein

Notes for:

The Seasons: Vermont/ Summer [.pdf]

The Seasons: Vermont/ Autumn [.pdf]

Project on Improvisation

PI (The Project on Improvisation/Projet sur l'improvisation) is dedicated to the study and promotion of improvisation in the arts. Its mandate is to present lectures, colloquia, workshops, presentations, concerts, performances, screenings and exhibits. It is not limited to any one art form, or any particular approach to improvisation, but intends to document the wide variety of improvisational practices in the arts.

Malcolm Goldstein


Photo of Malcolm Goldstein: Silvia Otte

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Sounding the Full Circle (1988)

 preface [.pdf]

Improvisation: People Making Music (Chapter1 [.pdf])

Improvisation: Towards a Whole Musician in a Fragmented Society (Chapter2 [.pdf])