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Project on Improvisation

PI (The Project on Improvisation/Projet sur l'improvisation) is dedicated to the study and promotion of improvisation in the arts. Its mandate is to present lectures, colloquia, workshops, presentations, concerts, performances, screenings and exhibits. It is not limited to any one art form, or any particular approach to improvisation, but intends to document the wide variety of improvisational practices in the arts. The project will present annually (initially for three years) a major week-long event dedicated to a key question concerning improvisation. These events will include both scholarly presentations and artistic events, and hope to blur the distinction between the two. The themes for the first three years will be:

Year One (fall 2003): What is Improvisation?

Year Two (fall 2004): The Aesthetics of Improvisation

Year Three (fall 2005): The Politics of Improvisation

The project will also sponsor smaller events periodically.

A key part of the project will be the establishment of a website dedicated to the study and archiving of improvisational arts. The site will include:

  • Information on upcoming events
  • Video and audio archives of performances and other events
  • A bibliographical database on improvisation
  • Key links

Stay tuned for more news!