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Application and Readmission

Application deadline for M.D., C.M. program, including joint programs M.D.,C.M./M.B.A. and M.D.,C.M./Ph.D.


Deadline to apply (payment of application fee) for admission to M.D.,C.M. program, including the joint M.D.,C.M./M.B.A. and M.D.,C.M./Ph.D. programs.

Application deadline for Law...

Deadline to apply for admission into first year Law for University and Mature (non-Cegep) applicants for Fall 2015 term. This deadline is also for applicants who will have completed more than a year of university studies in addition to the D.C.S.

Application deadline for undergraduate programs...


Application deadline for admission to undergraduate programs for the Winter 2015 term. Verify which programs are open before applying and what applicant pools are eligible to apply.

Application deadline for Law...


Deadline to apply for admission to Law by Comité des équivalences and Chambre des notaires applicants for Winter 2015 term.

Online application opens for undergraduate Law, Medical and Dental programs...

Online application opens for Fall 2015 for undergraduate Law, Medical and Dental programs as well as the Dental Residency program.