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Internship Program

Program Purpose

The Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) Internship program trains and develops the next generation of leaders to catalyze solutions that benefit population health and welfare. The program offers research opportunities and diverse training that build on the strengths of graduate and undergraduate education at McGill University in investigating how social conditions affect health and well-being. A major component of the internship is the work carried out in collaboration with a supervisor, while a weekly seminar/workshop series exposes interns to a variety of disciplines and provides training in translating research into policy.

Through hands-on experience in a research setting, interns will participate in a vibrant academic environment, learn how to communicate research findings to the media or general public, and gain insight into different disciplinary approaches.  Students will develop their professional network by interacting with fellow interns, graduate students, faculty and staff at the IHSP.

We are no longer accepting applications for the fall cohort. Please check back in the fall for winter internship applications, or visit our "Opportunities" page for ongoing student opportunities.

For the Fall 2014 Cohort, the IHSP is offering three types of internship projects:

1). Primarily faculty directed

The following research programs are looking for interns to work on projects that will be primarily defined by IHSP faculty.

•             Healthier Societies Initiative (HSI)

•             Maternal and Child Health Equity Program (MACHEquity)

•             Montreal Health Equity Research Consortium (MHERC)

•             Understanding Local Determinants of Subjective Well-being

    • Community well-being survey in Montreal. Project management for building a coalition amongst government, community group, and NGO organizations in Montreal. Background in Economics or allied discipline preferred. Background with running surveys may be an advantage. Fully bilingual candidates preferred.
    • Alternative measures of well-being and progress: designing indicators for Quebec. Background in Economics preferred.

•            Appropriate energy interventions, climate and public health

    • Interns working with this research program may be involved in reviewing and compiling literature and information on targeted topics, analyzing air pollution samples in the laboratory (after training), assisting with air pollution equipment management and testing, working with the data team on basic analysis, and assisting with other research-related tasks as they arise.  Students enrolled in programs in engineering, building science, public health, toxicology, urban planning, geography and environmental science are encouraged to apply.

2). Primarily student directed research

The following professors will consider proposals from students:

•             Dr. Wright

•             Dr. Voigt

•             Dr. Weinstock

If you select this option, please include a project proposal in your application package. 

3). IHSP Outreach and Communications

In addition to academic research, the IHSP is involved in a number of outreach activities.  The outreach and communications intern(s) will work with the existing outreach and administrative teams, and will have the opportunity to see the inner-workings of an academic institute, from program design and management to the grant writing cycle to spreading research findings.  

Social media: One intern will be primarily involved in managing and updating social media outlets (Facebook, twitter, etc.). Bilingualism an asset.

Translation: A second position is available for an intern to assist in translating IHSP communications and outreach material into French.  Bilingualism required. Experience in translation is an asset. 

Additional tasks may include identifying key local and national experts for future outreach activities, updating IHSP contact lists, researching how similar Institutes reach out to diverse audiences, creating a media outreach manual, support for the annual seminar series, updating and indexing the IHSP literature review database, and general administrative support including Student Programs recruitment and outreach.  

For additional information on IHSP research programs, click here.  Visit this page for additional information on IHSP Faculty members.  For a description of past research projects, click here.


The internship program will start the week of September 8th for the Fall 2014 cohort, with final presentations in early-to-mid December. Interns will work part-time at the Institute for Health and Social Policy and receive an award of $2000 upon successful completion of the internship. In the event that a student does not complete the training or research components of the internship, the stipend for the internship will be reduced.


  • Work 10-15 hours per week on an Institute defined project (for a total of no more than 195 hours)
  • Complete at least 8 of the aforementioned hours at the Institute every week between the hours of 9 and 6, Monday to Friday
  • Attend and actively participate in weekly seminars/workshops
  • Engage in one small project focusing on policy
  • Present findings to IHSP faculty and staff
  • Complete two self-evaluations (mid-session and final) and one mentor/program evaluation form
  • Complete tasks as discussed with supervisors by early December

IHSP internships are not-for-credit work-experience opportunities that will require at least as great a time commitment as an academic course. It is recommended that students selected to be interns reduce their workload accordingly for the semester

Application Details


April 4th, 2014 for the Fall 2014 cohort.  Mid-to- late October 2014 for the Winter 2015 cohort.


In order to be eligible, applicants must be enrolled as either graduate or undergraduate students in the Fall 2014 semester.


Two letters of recommendation (academic and/or employment) are required (in English or in French), and must be emailed directly from the referees to the Student Affairs Administrator.

Please email the following documents as .doc, .docx or .pdf files to Denise Maines (denise [dot] maines [at] mcgill [dot] ca), Student Affairs Administrator:

• Cover letter describing

  • why you are interested in the IHSP
  • what you hope to learn from an internship at the IHSP and/or how it advances your career goals
  • your relevant experience and skills
  • how you intend to balance 15 hours of work per week with your course load and other commitments

• Current CV that includes your contact information

• An electronic copy of all post-secondary transcripts (official preferred—unofficial copies must clearly indicate source of information)

IHSP Application form

• A 5-10 page writing sample

  • The writing sample may be an excerpt from a longer document but you must be the sole author
  • The purpose of the writing sample is to assess your ability to write professionally/academically

Please ensure that all application materials are submitted electronically via email by the deadline. Any documents sent by applicants in file formats other than Word or PDF may not be considered.   Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. 



Intern Application packages will be reviewed by the Student Affairs Administrator and IHSP Faculty.   Students selected for interviews will be contacted mid-April.  Interviews will be held the last two weeks of April.  The IHSP will communicate its decisions to all applicants by May 15, 2014.

For inquiries regarding the internship program, please contact the Student Affairs Administrator by Email.