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Ingrid Sladeczek

Dr. Sladeczek is the primary investigator of the Canadian Early Intervention Study that examines Early Intervention (EI) policy, practice, and services for families and children with developmental delays, with the goal of creating a paradigm shift amongst key stakeholders involved in EI. Other research interests include bullying, cyber-bullying, bullying prevention and how they relate to developmental disabilities. Furthermore, she is also examining the efficacy of parent and teacher mediated interventions for children with developmental delays or behavior disorders; the efficacy of parent support groups; and the impact of peer-tutoring for children with behavior difficulties.  She is expanding her expertise in a multi-disciplinary manner by investigating the status of children in families with HIV/AIDS.  Her research has been funded by numerous agencies including the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council, the Max Bell Foundation, the Office of Disability Issues and the Canadian Institute for Health Research.