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Research Axes

The primary force behind the creation of the proposed Institute for Human Development and Well-Being is to foster research, training/teaching, and collaboration amongst researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, and community organizations with an active interest in the development and well-being of the human individual from a transdisciplinary perspective. The guiding principle behind the creation of the Institute is that a transdisciplinary approach provides an optimal method to study and improve the development and well being of any person, group of persons, or populations. This frameworks includes the study of the development of the individual (across the lifespan), of the individual’s ongoing transactions with their environments, and the role that society can play in facilitating development, health, and well being. The IHDW is structured around a number of complementary guiding axes, that, when applied together, provide a comprehensive approach to the study of all persons, group of persons, and populations. These axes are: Functioning Across the Lifespan; Family, Community, and Society; and Social Policy and Planning.