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Women's Studies Tutorial (WMST 461 & 462)



WMST 303.


Open only to Majors, Honours and Joint Honours students in Women's Studies. Advisor approval required.

  • A tutorial is a 3-credit advanced reading course and independent research project on aspects of Women's Studies. The course is supervised by an individual faculty member at McGill University, with the prior approval of the Chair of WSAC or the Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator. The student must provide a clear and concise rationale for taking an independent reading course. The tutorial cannot overlap in theoretical, substantive or empirical content with any existing courses.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to identify and approach a faculty member whose expertise is in the area of the proposed tutorial and who is willing to oversee student learning in the tutorial. Students should find a faculty member for a tutorial during the year before they plan to take the tutorial.
  • The student and the faculty member supervising the tutorial must complete a WMST Tutorial Form before the end of the add/drop period of the pertinent term. Contact the IGSF Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator Samantha Thrift, 514.398.4400 x089872 or info [dot] igsf [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email), for a WMST Tutorial Form or download here: WMST Tutorial Form [.doc]. Upon approval of the WMST Tutorial Form by WSAC or its delegate representative, the student will be given official permission by the Administrative and student Affairs Coordinator to register for the course and a copy of the Tutorial Form will be placed in the student's Women's Studies Program file.
  • Note: If a tutorial entails research involving human subjects (e.g., interviews, participant observation, surveys etc.) ethical approval must be secured through the appropriate Research Ethics Board prior to undertaking such research.