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Summer course information can be found at Summer Studies and Calendars.

Courses are only acceptable towards your Women's Studies Program when the topic is appropriate for Women’s Studies and the course significantly engages with gender and/or feminism and/or women's studies.

If you find a course WHICH IS NOT LISTED and that you think could count as a Complementary Course towards the Women's Studies Programs please contact the IGSF Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator, 514.398.4400x1, 514.398.4400 x089872 or claire [dot] michela [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email), for approval.

IGSF is committed to promoting safer spaces in the classroom and throughout the McGill community at large. We encourage instructors to develop pedagogical approaches that cultivate a classroom culture that is as free from barriers as possible; that encourages inclusivity and diversity; and that demonstrates a commitment to equity and social justice. The Social Equity and Diversity Education Office offers workshops and training on equity issues; we encourage all of our instructors to take advantage of what SEDE has to offer. To learn more about Safer Space resources, please visit www.mcgill.ca/equity_diversity/.