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Disability Studies in Relation to Gender and Sexuality Thurs., 20 November, 12:00pm-2:30pm
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Brian Lewis
Wolfenden's Witnesses:
Understanding Homosexuality in Postwar Britain
Tues., 23 September, 12:30pm
Enakshi Dua
The Politics of Data:
Exploring the Debates on the Collection of Race-Based Data in Canadian Universities
Tues., 14 October, 12:30 pm
Baden Offord
A Queer Approach to Human Rights, Sexual Identity, and LGBT Asylum Seekers
Tues., 28 October, 12:30 pm

Brenda Weber
Avatars of Modernity:
The Gendered Politics of Mediated Mormonism

Tues., 11 November, 12:30 pm

TALKS AND SEMINARS Registration Link
C. Heike Schotten
Resisting Norms or Overthrowing Oppression?
The Radical Futurelessness of Queer Politics
Mon., 3 November, 3:00pm