Women’s and Sexual Diversity Studies Student’s Association (WSSA)

The Women’s and Sexual Diversity Studies Student’s Association (WSSA) is the undergraduate student association for students enrolled in Women’s Studies and/or Sexual Diversity Studies programs at McGill University. We are a non-hierarchical governing collective, meaning that all of our decisions are consensus-based, rather than based on a simple majority style of voting. This also means that although we have an elected executive, it exists as a coordinating committee for practical matters like communication or finances, rather than as a sole decision-making power. As a collective, we seek to represent the interests of WMST and SDST students to relevant bodies at McGill, including the AUS, SSMU, and the IGSF, and to foster stronger relations between students in WMST/SDST programs. 


If you are enrolled as a WMST/SDST student, or are enrolled in a WMST/SDST course this semester, you can get involved with the WSSA! In the past, we’ve hosted many events, workshops, and zine parties, and we’re always looking to involve as many students in our collective as possible!

 To learn more about the WSSA, or to join our listserv: mcgill.wssa [at] gmail.com (email) us, like us on facebook , or visit our website.