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BOOK SERIES: Update on Juris Diversitas Book Series - Forthcoming Titles + Authors and Editor Sought

Juris Diversitas - lun, 2014-05-12 06:53
The Juris Diversitas Book Series with Ashgate Publishing will publish a number of titles over the next year.
Two of those titles are now listed with Ashgate:
Seán Patrick Donlan and Lukas Heckerdon-Ursheler (eds), Concepts of law: comparative, jurisprudential, and social science perspectives
Sue Farran, Esin Örücü, and Seán Patrick Donlan (eds), A Study of mixed legal systems: endangered, entrenched, or blended
Additional titles will be listed soon.
In addition, we’re looking for additional authors to submit to the series as well as an experienced editor to work to lead the series.

For additional information, contact Seán Patrick Donlan at sean.donlan@ul.ie.
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SEMINAR: "Le commun, un noeud de contrats. L'exemple des vélos en libre service (VELIB)" (Paris, 13 May 2014)

What: "Le commun, un noeud de contrats. L'exemple des vélos en libre service (VELIB)", 7th meeting of the séminaire de casuistique Le Bien commun, les biens communs, les choses communes, la collectivisation des intérêts organized by Emanuele Coccia, Emanuele Conte, Marie-Angèle Hermitte and Paolo Napoli 

Where: École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Centre d'études des norme juridiques Yan Thomas (CENJ), Salle D & M Lombard, 96 boulevard Raspail, 75006, Paris
When: 13 May 2014, 6:30 - 9:00 pm

Aurore CHAIGNEAU - Université d'Amiens

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JOURNAL: Law Crime and History Journal, vol. 4 issue 1 (2014)

Special issue on the theme of Teaching and Learning in Crime and Criminal Justice History guest edited by Henry Yeomans at Leeds University, now available here
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