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An intellectual community for graduate students

The McGill Institute of Comparative Law affords an intellectual meeting point for students in master’s and doctoral programs in law, whose research bears a comparative, transnational, or interdisciplinary dimension. The ICL welcomes students whose research extends beyond conventional or orthodox perceptions of what comparative scholarship ought to be.

Students in the ICL thus pursue graduate work on topics that cut transversely across a range of topics, situating their projects within diverse theoretical frameworks while deploying a range of methodological approaches. Whether preoccupied by questions about constitutional law, humanitarian law, intellectual property, human rights, civil procedure, legal theory, health law, immigration, or the regulation of corporations and securities, ICL students are united by their openness to multisystemic, multicultural, multidisciplinary, and multilingual learning.

Students have the opportunity to share ideas about comparative legal scholarship and to discuss the course of their own graduate projects. A workshop lunch series for ICL students was established in 2008 with a view to fostering occasions for dialogue, collaboration, and peer mentoring. Throughout 2008-2009, the ICL workshop series has offered a space for students to contemplate and discuss the nature and scope of “comparative” research and scholarship. Workshops are designed to allow ICL students to engage in peer evaluation, commentary, and presentation of one another’s research.