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ICAN's Jordanian Partners

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Al Waqa for Community Development is our newest partner in Jordan, an independent not-for-profit corporation, based in Amman, developing the first independent rights-based centre in Jordan. It opened its doors in September 2011.

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The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD), Jordan's largest NGO, is dedicated to promoting comprehensive and sustainable development through the empowerment of Jordanians. In the 2004 Jordan Development Report JOHUD devoted an entire chapter to RBCP and is now working to adapt the model to its 50 member agencies.




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The University of Jordan has over 40,000 students and 1,200 faculty members. The University offers degrees in more than 70 disciplines and is also involved in policy and strategic planning in Jordan. MMEP worked with the university in founding its graduate school of social work.

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ICAN's Israeli Partners

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Shatil, The New Israel Fund's Empowerment and Training Center for Social Change Organizations in Israel, was recently awarded Special Consultative Status by the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The largest capacity-building organization in Israel, Shatil provides consulting services to over 500 grassroots organizations each year.

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Community Advocacy Israel is a voluntary community organization that works to empower residents of disadvantaged communities across Israel. Community Advocacy, working directly with local populations, promotes policy change to eliminate inequality, intolerance and exclusion.


Sapir College is located in the western Negev and is the largest public college in Israel. Over 8,000 students study at Sapir College in a variety of programs. Sapir College emphasizes community outreach as part of academic learning.

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Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, the first MMEP partner, helped establish the first Rights-Based Community Practice centre, in Israel, in 1993. An internationally recognized institution of higher learning, BGU attracts outstanding faculty from around the world and is renowned for its efforts to forge international relationships.

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Read about what we are doing today, on the ground in Palestine, Jordan and Israel, as well as in North America.


ICAN Alumnae back in Montreal speak to the CJN about the impact of the ICAN McGill program on their lives

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Arab and Jewish Women are Peace Envoys for McGill Program 

CJN, 2 August, 2013

By Janice Arnold


ICAN People

Professor Jim Torczyner, ICAN Founder and Director

About ICAN

The International Community Action Network (ICAN) was founded as the McGill Middle East Program (MMEP)in 1997, committed to the belief that the reduction of inequality and the promotion of civil society and social justice are intricately related to peace building and security. The program utilizes an approach called Rights-Based Community Practice” (RBCP), developed and tested in Montreal (where it has continued to be utilized for more than 30 years) and adapted to the Middle Eastern context.

The combined effect of community relationship building and a rights based approach are central to this program.  At the heart of the program is the concept   that   social   work   and   law – two disciplines concerned with notions of rights and relationships – work in concert to promote the rule of law among people of diversity both within and between different social groups.

All RBCP Centres maintain an interdisciplinary approach, employing both social workers and lawyers. By situating their offices at street-level (storefronts) in the heart of disadvantaged communities, the centres promote inclusiveness among diverse residents, simply by virtue of their location. A broad array of social and legal interventions such as housing and legal rights and rehabilitation, youth empowerment and education, programs for women victims of violence, care and access for the disabled, sick and elderly, referral services, outreach, public education, government policy research and more, ultimately lead to individual and community empowerment. The principles of accessibility, reciprocity, universality and inclusion provide the guiding ideology, and are advanced through all of the activities undertaken.

The challenge in each place where we work is to empower citizens to take charge of their lives with the means available locally, leading to local ownership of the development process

    Rights-based Community Practice (RBCP) Centres

    The eleven RBCP centres currently in operation were developed in cooperation with ICAN's Palestinian, Israeli, and Jordanian partners. They were established in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the three societies, and though autonomous, they function under a shared conceptual umbrella

    About ICAN's MSW Fellowship


    ICAN - International Community Action Network

    The International Community Action Network (ICAN), formerly known as the McGill Middle East Program (MMEP), is committed to the belief that social justice is the most reliable foundation for strong, healthy societies.