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ICAN Researcher Publications

Sami Kilani

Rights-based Approach to Community Practice in Palestine: A Case Study

This book has investigated the experience of the An Najah Community Service Center in Nablus, Palestine in adopting and implementing a rights-based approach to community practice.

ICAN's Jordanian Partners

Al Waqa logo

Al Waqa for Community Development is our newest partner in Jordan, an independent not-for-profit corporation, based in Amman, developing the first independent rights-based centre in Jordan. It opened its doors in September 2011.

Rights-Based Community Practice (RBCP)

In the RBCP approach, the means are as important as the ends: the right of low income people to participate in processes and decisions that affect their lives, as individuals and communities, is as important as gaining access to the rights themselves

Syrian Initiative

ICAN's Syrian Initiative

In response to the Syrian crisis ICAN has initiated a plan to introduce the profession of social work in Syria and to train future generations of Syrian professionals dedicated to the democratic rebuilding of their country. This initiative includes 3 major components: Resettlement, Reconstruction, and Relief. 

ICAN Centres

ICAN is committed to the belief that the reduction of inequality and the promotion of civil society and social justice are intricately related to peace building and security. We use an approach called Rights-Based Community Practice in which Social Work and Law work together to promote the rule of law among people of diversity both within and between different social groups

ICAN - International Community Action Network

The International Community Action Network (ICAN), formerly known as the McGill Middle East Program (MMEP), is committed to creating a world in which all people share the same rights. We believe that social justice is the most reliable foundation for strong, healthy, and tolerant communities. Since 1997, ICAN has established 11 community centres in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Palestine, Jordan and Israel.