News from the ICAMES Iraq Research Team

From October 2003 until June 2004, an ICAMES research team was based in northern Iraq. The team, headed by ICAMES senior research fellow David Romano, examined the developmental needs of northern Iraq, issues related to refugees and internally displaced persons, gender issues, and the dynamics of radical Islamist political mobilization. Support for Dave's work has been provided by a Department of National Defence post-doctoral fellowship.

Field Reports

    The 3 November 2003 field report from the ICAMES research team in northern Iraq.
    A report on Kurdish reaction to news of Saddam Hussayn's capture.
    A report on human rights, women's organizations, student elections, and IDPs in northern Iraq
    A letter from Iraq published in the February-March 2004 issue of Policy Options
    Various NGO interviews in northern Iraq.
    A paper written by ICAMES researchers Lucy Brown and David Romano, June 2004.

ICAMES researcher David Romano (centre, bottom) and McGill graduate Michael Boag (above) with Kurdish children in Irbil, Iraq.
Meeting with officials of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in Halabja, Iraq