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IASL Team wins 2011 Sarin Leiden International Air Law Moot Court Competition in Dubai

McGill IASL Team won 2011 Sarin-Leiden International Air Law Moot Court in Dubai - Left to right: H.E. Mohammed A. Ahli (Director General of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority), Joseph Wheeler (Grad. Cert.), Mithun Pemmaiah (LL.M.) and Auguste Hocking (LL.M.)

Congratulations to the McGill Moot Court Team for winning first place in the 2011 Sarin Leiden International Air Law Moot Court Competition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The extraordinary team consisted of the following Institute of Air & Space Law graduate students: Auguste Hocking (Australia), Joseph Wheeler (Australia) and Mithun Pemmaiah (India); our Doctoral candidate, Paul FitzGerald (Canada), coached the team. The McGill team also placed first in oral argument for both the Applicant's and Respondent's side of the competition. The problem addressed issues of aviation safety in light of a volcanic eruption, emissions charges, traffic rights, cabotage, and foreign ownership and control. The court was chaired by a Judge Gilbert Guillaume of the International Court of Justice.

Next year's competition will be in Istanbul.


Congratulations to the IASL Moot Team

McGill IASL Moot Team 2011. Left to right: Auguste Hocking (LL.M.), Joseph Wheeler (Grad. Cert.), Coach: Paul Fitzgerald (DCL) and Mithun Pemmaiah (LL.M.)

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