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Since the 1970’s, the Institute of Air & Space Law has initiated research with an interdisciplinary focus. The Institute has published a vast amount of monographic studies, books, proceedings of symposia, and theses. Researchers at IASL have been leaders in addressing these issues for decades, holding interdisciplinary conferences and publishing books on contemporary legal and policy issues. The IASL is committed to continue and expand its research and teaching expertise in the field of law and policy. Below, you will find our latest publications:

Public International Air Law (2008) by Professor Paul Stephen Dempsey

Public International Air Law (2008) by Professor Paul Stephen Dempsey

The IASL has published one of Professor Paul S. Dempsey's books, Public International Air Law. This comprensive treatise is a must not only for law students, but also to practicing lawyers, government officials and policymakers, airlines, insurers and members of the public who are interested in air law.

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International Air Carrier Liability: The Montreal Convention of 1999

A treatise by Professors Paul Stephen Dempsey & Michael Milde.

The 1999 Montreal Convention came into force on 4 November 2003 and is in force for 66 States – among them almost all the States of major importance in international air transport. In this treatise, the authors present a compact analytical guide to the 1999 Montreal Convention addressing air carrier passenger and cargo liability in international aviation, with informative cross-references to the history of its provisions, similarities and differences with respect to the “Warsaw system”, and the leading jurisprudence that has interpreted and applied the different provisions. This publication will prove useful not only to the students of law but also to the practicing lawyers, airlines, insurers and the public. 460 pages, hard cover, US$149.

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The McGill/Concordia Report on International Aviation Policy for Canada

Book Cover of International Aviation Policy For Canada

This is an interdisciplinary study of the international aviation policy for Canada.

While trying to avoid ideological or political preferences, the study assesses the past, present and future of the industry and the public it serves. It is a product of research, analysis and insights of both Canadian and international aviation experts.

This publication would help the industry, labor leaders and experts, government officials and scholars to make educated policy choices.

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To place an order, please contact Ms Maria D'Amico by email (maria [dot] damico [at] mcgill [dot] ca) or by phone (514-398-5095).

The McGill Report on Governance of Commercialized Air Navigation Services

The purpose of this report is to canvas the governance issues raised by the commercialization, corporatization and privatization of Air navigation services. Among the entities studied are a department with access to capital markets and user fees, several government corporations, a public-private partnership and a non-share capital, private corporation.The following issues of governance are addressed: how are ownership and control addressed, how does the appointment process to a governing board work, what mechanisms are put in place to ensure accountability and transparency, what flexibility does the corporatized entity acquire to finance its operations through fees and access to capital markets, how does it interact with government bodies established to oversee safety and economic regulation, what price and service control are imposed upon it, and what are the applicable judicial processes, both as regards appeal from fee determinations and as regards general third party liability? These questions have been addressed by comparing the experience of ten countries that present a spectrum of modest to thorough-going corporatization, although none of the countries in this study have yet proceeded to full-fledged privatization.

The Mcgill Report On Governance Of Commercialized Air Navigation Services [.pdf]

Annals of Air and Space Law - Annales de droit aérien et spatial

The IASL has been publishing the Annals of Air and Space, a specialized journal devoted to promoting scholarship in the field of air and space law, since 1976.

The Annals of Air and Space Law gathers under the same cover original articles in English and in French written by internationally prominent scholars, leading practitioners, students of the Institute and other specialists in air and space law. The articles undergo a process of peer-review and not only deal with topics of current interest but also with those problems of growing concern in the realm air and space activities.The Annals has become a standard source of reference in the field, and can be found in most academic libraries, government and airline offices and specialized law offices.

To order copies of the journal, or to submit an article, visit the Annals' page.