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International Interdisciplinary Congress on Space Debris Remediation

The International Interdisciplinary Congress on Space Debris Congress, was held at McGill's Institute of Air and Space Law in Montreal on 11 and 12 November 2011.

Congress participants examined technical means, legal and economic aspects, operational and organizational requirements for space debris remediation and on-orbit servicing of satellites.

The objective was to put forward specific and viable policies and regulatory mechanisms forward for consideration by States and other stakeholders in order to minimize risks posed by space debris.

Program: 3rd Space Debris Congress Programme (rev 2 Nov) [.pdf].

We have received presentations from most speakers. You can download them below.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Opening Remarks and words of welcome

Ram Jakhu Ram Jakhu (IASL, McGill, Canada) [.pdf]

Session 1: Current Space Debris Situation

David Kendall (CSA, Canada) [.pdf]
Holger Krag (ESOC, Space Debris Office, Germany) [.pdf]
David Wright (UCS, U.S.) [.pdf]

Session 2 – Technical Concepts and Means For Space Debris Remediation and On-Orbit Servicing

William H Ailor (Center for Debris Studies, U.S.) [.pdf]
David Finkleman (Center for Space Standards and Innovation, U.S.) [.pdf]
Eugene Levin (STAR, Inc. U.S.) [.pdf]
Joseph N. Pelton (former Dean ISU, U.S.) [.pdf]
Frank Teti (MDA, Canada) [.pdf]

Session 3 – Legal, Regulatory and Strategic Issues related to Space Debris Remediation and On-Orbit Servicing

Tare Brisibe (OnAir, Switzerland) [.pdf]
Ajey Lele (IDSA, India) [.pdf]
Phil Meek (Retired, USAF, U.S.) [.pdf]
Michael Mineiro (NOAA, U.S.) [.pdf]
Sa'id Mosteshar (London Institute of Space Policy and Law, U.K.) [.pdf]
Matthew Schaefer (University of Nebraska, U.S.) [.pdf]

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Session 4 – Organizational and Operational Requirements

Richard DalBello (INTELSAT, U.S.) [.pdf]
Philip De Man (Leuven Centre for Global Governance, Belgium) [.pdf]
Karl Doetsch (Doetsch International Space Consultants, Canada) [.pdf]
Thomas Gillon (Foreign Affairs, Canada) [.pdf]
Joan Johnson-Freese (Naval War College, U.S.) [.pdf]
Yukihito Kitazawa (IHI, JAXA, Japan) [.pdf]
Li Bin (Beihang University, PRC ) [.pdf]
Jean-Francois Mayence (Federal Office for Science Policy, Belgium) [.pdf]
Tommaso Sgobba (Independent Safety Office, ESA, the Netherlands) [.pdf]
Richard Tremayne-Smith (SoS, U.K.) [.pdf]

Session 5 – Discussion and Adoption of Regulatory Principles and Proposals (Declaration) for Space Debris Remediation and On-orbit Servicing

Paul Dempsey (IASL, McGill, Canada) [.pdf]