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The Cost Crisis: How Will the Airline Industry Recover?

- How can we reform aviation fees, taxes and charges?
- How can legacy carriers address labour, benefits and work rule costs?
- How can operational efficiency reduce airline costs?
- How should governments and industry respond better to natural disasters like volcano ash?

Chair: Kenneth Quinn - Partner, Pillsbury LLP & General Counsel, Flight Safety Foundation


Strategies for Immediate Survival and Eventual Prosperity

- What are appropriate airline, airport, ANS and manufacturer strategies in responding to the identified challenges?
- Should we pursue sectoral or geographic approaches to environmental protection?
- The work of the UNFCC and GIACC
- What does the future hold?
- Does liberalization of air transport services enhance or jeopardize industry economic health?
- What are the rights of the passenger against excessive taxation?
- Can we design a security system and culture that is both effective and efficient?