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Protection of the Environment: Technological and Operational Solutions

- What are the design and engineering challenges for airframe and engine manufacturers in terms of noise and emissions?
- How do operational restrictions impact efficiency?
- How will the depletion of oil reserves impact airline costs?
- Which alternative fuels represent the best alternative to kerosene?

Protection of the Environment: Legal and Policy Solutions

- Are market based measures the solution to CO2 emissions?
- EU Emissions Trading Scheme - Consistent with international law?
- Is a global sectoral approach realistically achievable or are equivalent measures the way forward?
- What is ICAO's framework on market-based measures, and what is its plan of action on climate change?
- What environmental challenges does the ICAO 37th Session of the ICAO Assembly face?

Chair: Alejandro Piera - Advisor, United Arab Emirates Delegation on the ICAO Council