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Supporting the Institute for Air and Space Law

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An Invitation to the Dr. Nicolas Mateesco Matte Fund for Space Law and the Dr. Michael Milde Fund for Air Law.

The strong foundation of the IASL rests on the tireless efforts of its Past Directors [.pdf] and the Present Director as well.

The IASL has taught lawyers and air & space experts from around the world for more than half a century. With graduates now working in over 100 countries, the IASL has acquired an international reputation. The Institute is known for helping its students develop a global knowledge of the processes that underpin international aerospace activity.

Our objective now is to continue building on the foundation of intellectual excellence established by Dr. Nicolas Mateesco Matte and Dr. Michael Milde. We invite you to join in this continued success:

>>> Click to Give to the Dr Nicolas Mateesco Matte Fund.
>>> Click to Give to the Dr. Michael Milde Fund.