Government Regulation of Air Transport

ASPL 613

3 credits
Government Regulation of Air Transport.

Air & Space Law: Economic regulation of air transport and navigation, deregulation, liberalization, open skies. Economic and regulatory theories, competition, anti-trust regulation. Status, negotiation, and implementation of international agreements on air services.

Offered by: Air and Space Law

  • Terms
    • Winter 2018
  • Instructors
    • Martine De Serres


Martine De Serres will be the instructor for Winter 2017.

This course focuses on the domestic and international economic, safety, security and environmental regulation of air transport. Key themes include:

  • Why do Governments regulate or deregulate markets for air transport?
  • How do the economics of the aviation sector impact regulatory policies and vice versa?
  • What are the legal regimes governing key issues of the aviation business, such as international routes, pricing, code-sharing, joint ventures, airline alliances, computer reservation systems, airport slots, etc?
  • What is the relationship between sectoral airline regulation and competition law?
  • What are the regulatory tools used by Governments as the means for regulating civil aviation? 
  • How are consumer rights protected domestically and internationally?
  • What multilateral regimes govern the supply of aviation services?
  • What are the present challenges and trends in the regulatory regime of air transport?

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Method of Evaluation 

Oral Presentation: 25%; Final Examination: 75%. The take-home exam is an open-book examination due 24 hours from picking up the examination.  You may not discuss the examination, nor collaborate with, any other student on the examination.

Teaching Hours:  Winter 2017- Tuesdays, 17:30 – 20:30

Professor: Martine De Serres. Preferred method of communication is by email, telephone or by appointment before or after class. Contact: martine.deserres [at] or by phone (514) 422-5883.

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Other available files

Airline Bankruptcy: The Post-Deregulation Epidemic [.pdf]

Airport Privatization: Navigate Carefully [.pdf]

Aviation Safety Regulation [.pdf]

Open Skies for Africa - Implementing the Yamoussoukro Decision [.pdf]

Consumer Protection in the Airline Industry: The USA and the European Union [.pdf]

US Airline Labor and Employment Law [.pdf]