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McGill waste disposal is free of charge to all users, provided the waste is presented as defined by the University and governmental guidelines. To maintain this free service and to avoid any expensive disposal penalties, radioactive waste picked up from users will be periodically checked.

For liquids: A full characterization of the liquid waste will be done to ensure that specifications are met.

For Delay and Decay: It's simple: should the waste not be decayed after the calculated period, we will suspect that the label was not properly filled out.

1st offense: A written notice will be sent by the Manager of Hazardous Waste Management to the responsible investigator informing him or her of the problems encountered. A copy of the notice will also be sent to the University's Radiation Safety Officer.

2nd offense: A written notice asking for corrective measures will be sent to the University's Radiation Safety Officer, along with a copy to the Associate Director of the Environmental Health & Safety Office.

3rd offense: The University's Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) will revoke the principal investigator's permit, and will retain the option to transfer the permit to the Head of the department. The RSO will issue a fine and request a FOAPAL number. All incurred expenses retroactive to the first offense will be charged to the principal investigator, including but not limited to waste disposal, labour and administrative costs.

At this point, the permit holder has the right to appeal the fine and the suspension of the permit. As such, the permit holder can contact the university Radiation Safety Officer and the University Laboratory Safety Committee to have the permit reinstated.