waste management


McGill waste disposal is free of charge to all users, provided the waste is presented as defined by the University and governmental guidelines. To maintain this free service and to avoid any expensive disposal penalties, radioactive waste picked up from users will be periodically checked.

For liquids: A full characterization of the liquid waste will be done to ensure that specifications are met.

For Delay and Decay: It's simple: should the waste not be decayed after the calculated period, we will suspect that the label was not properly filled out.


HWM is fully equiped to deal with hazmat situations

Delay and decay guidelines


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, our current disposal site for radioactive waste, has implemented new disposal guidelines and pricing policy.

One aspect of the new guidelines is the removal from the waste stream of all radioisotopes that can readily and easily be decayed.

Chemical, biomedical and radioactive waste pickup schedule

Regular weekly collection

Buildings equipped with a hazardous waste storage are placed on a regular weekly pick-up. Users are asked to bring their full containers to these areas and exchange them for empty containers. For safety reasons, only containers approved by Hazardous Waste Management  can be stored in those rooms.

Useful links

McGill safety manuals

McGill Biosafety manual

McGill radiation safety policy manual

Canutec: the Canadian Transport Emergency Centre of the Department of Transport

Rules, acts and regulations

Online regulation texts are to be used for reference purposes only.

Waste disposal guidelines

After being cleaned, these containers will be returned to users

Hazardous Waste Management staff


Hazardous Waste Management (HWM)

For general inquiries, please use hwm [at] mcgill [dot] ca