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McGill waste disposal is free of charge to all users, provided the waste is presented as defined by the University and governmental guidelines. To maintain this free service and to avoid any expensive disposal penalties, radioactive waste picked up from users will be periodically checked.

For liquids: A full characterization of the liquid waste will be done to ensure that specifications are met.

Requisite containers

Hazardous Waste Management provides all the containers you need usually free of charge.

To ensure either the safe handling of hazardous materials, or to maximize disposal options, the use of these containers is encouraged and sometimes enforced.

For safety reasons, do NOT overfill the containers. Also, make sure to enter the information on the supplied label LEGIBLY and COMPLETELY.

Solid radioactive waste

Steel pail

Chemical waste

IMPORTANT: After disposing of your chemicals, make sure you update the quantity in your myLab chemical inventory!

Waste disposal guidelines

Hazardous Waste Management provides a full hazardous material disposal service to the McGill community. Disposal of waste is free of charge to internal departments, provided the waste is coming from research activities and presented in a proper manner.

Biomedical waste

Disposal service for biomedical waste is provided to users in McGill buildings by HWM, local 5066. Provided at no charge, the service includes provision of waste containers and regular pick-ups.