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HWM is fully equiped to deal with hazmat situations

Chemical waste

A HWM technician combining compatible chemical waste in the ventilated preparation room

Delay and decay guidelines


Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, our current disposal site for radioactive waste, has implemented new disposal guidelines and pricing policy.

One aspect of the new guidelines is the removal from the waste stream of all radioisotopes that can readily and easily be decayed.

Hazardous Waste Management Training

Hazardous Waste Management & Disposal Training for Laboratory Personnel

McGill students, staff and faculty must register online using the McGill Human Resources Staff Development course registration system.

Cost: Free for McGill students, staff and faculty

Hazardous Waste Management

What's new @ HWM?


In order for us to manage your biomedical waste more efficiently, we have added a "cytotoxique/cytotoxic" field on our biomedical waste box.  It is mandatory for you to check that box if your waste contains cytotoxic material as it will go for incineration.

Biomedical waste

Biomedical waste should be disposed of frequently to reduce accumulation of these materials in work areas.

Waste disposal guidelines

After being cleaned, these containers will be returned to users

Sharps waste & glass bottles

Empty glass bottles

Used chemical bottles which are empty can be disposed via regular garbage. However, make sure that the bottle is clean. Bottles and glass containers which were used to contain or hold chemicals must not be offered for recycling.