Hazardous Waste Management

What's new @ HWM?


Important change concerning biomedical waste management

In order for us to manage your biomedical waste more efficiently, we have added a "cytotoxique/cytotoxic" field on our biomedical waste box.  It is mandatory for you to check that box if your waste contains cytotoxic material as it will go for incineration.  A list of cytotoxic materials is available HERE.

Reminder: keep your chemical inventory up to date!

It is now mandatory to use myLab to keep track of your laboratory chemical inventory.  Don't forget to remove items from your inventory when you submit a request for chemical waste disposal!

A technician from the HWM deals safely and efficiently with a chemical waste spill during an emergency

Waste disposal at McGill 

The HWM has disposal guidelines, and handles various types of wastes for internal and external clients:

Radioactive waste

Radioactive iconFind out how to collect, package, label, and dispose of various types of radioactive waste, and also how to reduce RA waste through delay and decay of radioisotopes.

Chemical waste

Chemical iconHow to package and label your chemical waste and have it ready for collection by the HWM.

Biomedical waste

Biomedical iconSafe disposal of biomedical waste requires proper packaging and care.

Bulk waste

Bulk iconIf you produce bulk waste in solid or liquid form, find out more on how to package it properly for disposal.


Waste pickups

If you have waste products that need to be collected, first prepare your inventory to pick up and submit it to us. We will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment. If your building has a waste room, see also our regular pickup schedule across both campuses (your inventory list will still be required).


Recycling iconWe handle recyclable hazardous materials and other items that cannot be accepted via the university's recycling program, such as batteries, appliances, and various metals.

The HWM can help you clean up  your lab or shut it down properly. Contact us at The HWM can help you clean up your lab or shut it down properly. Contact us at 5066 for more information.