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Online spill report form McGill University

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Online spill report form

Please complete all required fields.

To report any sort of spill that may have occured on either McGill campuses to the Environmental Safety Office and the Waste Management Program, please complete this form. For reference purposes, a copy will be sent to the spill contact person, as well as to the person filling the form.

Information about the spill

Type of spill:
Date of spill: (yyyy-mm-dd)  
Time of spill:

Location of spill (Lab, office, workshop, stairs, etc.):

Description of spill:

Cause of spill:

Who to contact regarding the spill

Office phone number:
Home phone number:

Internal mailing address:

Findings and corrective measures

Findings of investigation by the Waste Management Program and/or the Environmental Safety Office:

Corrective actions:

Form completed by (first and last name):

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