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Faculty and partner worklife assistance

McGill strives to create an inclusive and accepting environment, and recognizes and values diverse family  structures.  For the purpose of benefits and spousal relocation, McGill considers your “spouse” to be your partner of the same or different sex. It may refer to someone to whom you have been married or joined in a civil union, or to someone with whom you are cohabiting (de facto spouse). While precise definitions vary, McGill recognizes partners as de facto spouses where they have been living in a conjugal relationship for twelve months or more. The twelve-month cohabitation requirement does not apply where the partners have a child together.

The services provided by McGill University’s Faculty Relocation Office are available to prospective and recently appointed tenured and tenure track faculty members and their families. We will meet with you and/or your partner to help with your transition to Montréal by providing information and guidance about many aspects of daily life. In addition we provide individualized career transition counseling and employment assistance for partners.

We can provide information and guidance on:

  • Neighborhoods and housing
  • Child care/schools/resources for special needs/camps
  • Public transportation
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Health care
  • Language instructionSocial networking

Partner employment assistance includes:

  • Résumé preparation
  • Individual career counseling
  • Career transition counseling
  • Coaching in interview skills and job search strategies
  • Networking
  • Overview of McGill employment opportunities
  • Identification of employment opportunities in the greater Montréal area

For more detailed information, please contact:

Michelle Cubano-Guzmán
Advisor, Faculty Relocation, Human Resources
(514) 398-1339