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For new academics

As one of North America's leading research universities, it is a vital part of McGill's mission to recruit and retain outstanding faculty and librarians.

The recruitment process for academic staff is decentralized and resides within the Faculties, Departments and Schools. If you are interested in applying for an academic position, please proceed to the Faculties and Schools webpage or McGill's University index to locate contact details for the department you are interested in.

The  Academic Personnel Office, the Office of the Provost, and Human Resources provide the services and support necessary to new academic staff to ensure their smooth transition to McGill and Montreal. Here are a few important dates and links for newcomers:


New Faculty Orientation

The New Faculty Orientation Session is held every year at the end of August at the Faculty Club, 3450 McTavish. Organized by the Office of the Provost around topics of special interest to new tenure-stream academic staff and librarians, the orientation is designed to introduce incoming staff to their new community.

In addition to formal presentations, the session provides a forum for new academic staff members to network with colleagues and meet the Principal, the Provost, and other members of the University Administration.


French and English Language Instruction

All full-time, tenure-stream and tenured academic and librarian staff , as well as full-time ranked CAS and their spouses, who are on temporary work permits, are eligible to pursue English and French Language training. For further information on registration procedures and eligible courses please consult the http://www.mcgill.ca/apo/academic-staff/new-faculty/language-instruction/ or contact Robert Guirguis or Johnny Martuccio at the School for Continuing Studies.

Policies, Procedures & Guidelines for Academic and Librarian Staff

The University Policies Procedures and Guidelines relating to the Employment of Academic and Librarian Staff outline your rights and responsibilities and cover a wide range of topics which will affect your work life, such as reappointment, tenure, promotion and leaves. They can be found on the University Secretariate's website. For any questions related to your appointment, please contact the Academic Personnel Office at (514) 398 3331 or email academic [dot] personnel [at] mcgill [dot] ca.


Relocation, Immigration and Partner Worklife Assistance

For further information with regards to relocation to Montreal, work permit procedures and assistance to partners and families upon their arrival in Montreal, click here