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Message to employees - July 2010

Review of McGill’s employment equity practices

Last year, the federal government, through its Federal Contractors Program (FCP), informed McGill of an upcoming requirement to report on McGill’s employee profile and to provide statistical information on how effective McGill has been in including and welcoming members of the federally designated groups into its employ.  As a part of this report McGill was asked to conduct a review of its policies and practices on recruitment, retention, development and accommodation. The Federal Contractor’s program applies to contractors with more than 100 employees - those provincially regulated employers which receive federal government goods or services contracts of $200,000 or more.

The designated groups are:

-          Women

-          First People

-          Visible minorities

-          Persons with disabilities


 Step 1

As part of the process, McGill conducted a review of its employment systems and submitted a Workforce Analysis to the FCP in March.   After analyzing the results of our Workforce Analysis, it was found there was some under-representation in certain groups.

Step 2

Earlier this month, a detailed employment systems review was submitted to the FCP.  This document provides a review of all formal and informal HR policies and practices that may affect the designated groups in order to improve representation.  We also addressed whether these practices are essential to the job or whether they could be altered to minimize any negative impact. 

Step 3

Throughout the summer, we will be developing a formal employment equity plan that will be submitted to the FCP in September for review by the FCP Compliance Management Board.  Their decision on granting McGill a certificate of compliance is expected in October.   

Step 4

An ongoing implementation of the equity action plan will be conducted and a continuous review of new policies and procedures will be made to ensure that McGill remains an open and accepting employer of choice for all members of the community.

The employment systems review that we conducted is beneficial to all employees because it seeks to ensure that employment policies and practices are fair for everyone.  Please do not hesitate to contact Alison Verkade, HR Director Shared Services, at 514-398-8491 if you have any questions or comments about the review or employment equity in general. 


Workforce Analysis - Summary Report
Date 2010-04-01