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Planning for a Voluntary Departure

Tools that will help you plan effectively for a voluntary departure, through an examination of the environment (b), the identification of talent and talent gap (c), ensuring that knowledge is captured and transferred (d) and that activities done by this employee are still priorities(a). 

a) Activities & Objectives Matrix

b) Environmental Scan for Talent Management

c) Identifying Talent & Bridging Gaps

d) Organization Memory Knowledge Transfer Questionnaire

 Context for Change

Whether precipitated by the voluntary departure of an employee or by adopting a proactive approach to workforce planning/talent management, you’ll want to look at your current context to assess readiness for change (e), to consider workforce planning decisions against the backdrop of strategic priorities (f), and by conducting a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis (SWOT – h) including the evolving needs and expectations of key stakeholders (g).

e) Change Readiness for discussion

f) Linking Workforce Planning Decisions to Strategic Objectives

g) Stakeholder Analysis

h) SWOT Analysis Worksheet

Process Improvement & Quality

Changes in your staff will precipitate questions about work redistribution, streamlining processes, etc.  Understand the quality approach that informs such improvement initiatives (i), interview your clients (internal or external) to understand what is needed most (k), assess what changes can render the best results for your stakeholders (l) and do concrete planning to move into action (j).    We strongly recommend that all important processes be documented and kept up-to-date at all times.   See the extensive Process Mapping Manual for a step-by-step instructions on documenting processes in group.

i) 8 Key Principles of Quality

j) Action Planning Grid

k)  Client Interview Sheet on Quality 

l) Impact Effort Grid for Units

m) Process Mapping Manual 

n) Procedure Documentation Template Overview of features

o) Procedure Documentation Template 2

p) Procedure Documentation Template 3

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