Support tools

Tool Kit

A kit with basic tools and templates that support workforce planning (see left column), providing valuable assistance in areas such as planning, organizational memory, processes improvement and employee development.  


A host of workshops support the effective management of people, processes and performance are currently available in through Organizational Development.  See calendar:  

For training tailored to your team, please contact Organizational Development at 2000. 

Coaching and Facilitation

Those responsible for Workforce Planning analysis and decision making in units can benefit from coaching and/or more hands-on facilitation of group activities that involve taking stock of the current situation, visioning, planning and follow-through.  Wherever possible, the OD/Workforce Planning team will aim to build capacity within the units through training, simple tools and co-facilitation.  For larger change initiatives, more hands-on support may be required from expert resources.

Communications/Change Management

Coaching, tips and tools are available to support you in your local communications efforts.  More than ever, we need effective communications to support important change initiatives that engage employees, stabilize the system and lead us to the best possible outcomes.