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Organizational Effectiveness Series

Discover the Organizational Effectiveness Series

A series of mini-workshops targeted towards both teams and individuals interested in learning tips and tools on various topics. The Organizational Effectiveness Series are mini-workshops that support the McGill community providing concrete, tangible “how to’s” in times of change.

Tired of energy sapping meetings that leave you with a pile of work, frustrated participants and no time left to get the job done?

Effective Meetings (3 hours): Learn how to plan and lead highly effective meetings, generating enthusiastic participation, meaningful contributions and substantive outcomes.

Want to engage a group in generating creative ideas that flow and arrive at workable solutions?

Idea Generation & Brainstorming (90 minutes): Learn how to expand the creative flow of ideas in a group setting through effective brainstorming and other techniques.


Motivated to arrive at concrete decisions that are informed by stakeholders and owned?

Decision Making Tools (90 minutes): Learn about the effective use of three different tools that can assist decision making processes and prioritization at McGill and beyond


Wondering how to capture a process visually for the purpose of documentation or for process improvement?

Flowcharting & Process Mapping (90 minutes): Learn the basic how’s and why’s of flowcharting processes and explore the benefits.


Need to take stock and build team/unit plans on a sound foundation?

Environmental Scan & S.W.O.T. Analysis (90 minutes): Learn how to conduct a scan of your evolving environment considering important trends and stakeholders, and to work with a team to identify current Strengths, Weaknesses (Challenges), Opportunities and Threats (Risks).